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How cravat of choose and buy?

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One, the tie-in choice of cravat

Common collocation has:
1. Black suit, those who use attune of silver grey color, blue or red white alternate with is inclined a cravat, appear grave and easy, ad cool-headed and dovish;

2. Dark blue suit, use blue, deep yellow of auroral, orange, Brown cravat, appear honest and easy, element Jing Gaozhi;

3. Ivory suit, use rainbow color or Brown cravat, appear very cultured, glow;

4. In gray suit, brick matching a department is gules. The cravat that green, yellow moves, have interest additionally one time;

5. Cream-colored suit uses sea blue, brown cravat, can appear more elegant demeanour is moving, demeanour is elegant.

Dozen of law of cravat and characteristic:

Cravat hits the preparative level of the law: Be in cravat is big right, small head is in left, big are going up, small head is falling, and the length with big end is the of 3 times scale of small upright length about across is before the neck.

In the man's beautiful to dress pursuit, a cravat it may be said is its grade important reflect. One knows the man that decorates his, can reflect his distinctive aesthetic pursuit not only on the choice of cravat and collocation, still can control others to be opposite even the impressions of its identity, position, credence and ability.
2, how to choose cravat
Above all, the man's cravat shoulds not be too long or too short commonly, proper length, should be cravat is most advanced and apropos touch buckle, cannot much also cannot little. The length of cravat, a lot of more phyletic, better cravat often longer, standard length is 55 inches or 56 inches (add up to 139.70cm or 142.24cm about) . The width of cravat is very important also, although this respect does not have certain regulation, but basically the width of cravat should cooperate with the width harmony with turndown business suit. Current, standard cravat is wide it is to show the place with cravat the widest extreme reachs 4.5 inches for 4 inches (add up to 10.16cm about to 11.43cm) .

Cravat is the commonnest a kind of the most practical also design, do not have the monochromatic cravat of design or pattern completely namely. Cravat of a monochromatic, can match with the business suit of any design or shirt. Costly and the business suit with charge for the making of sth. and excellent material, match with monochromatic cravat, can emphasize colorful material and exquisite clipping more, give a person with integral beauty. In addition, imprint the tie that has balanced geometry pattern is very general, it and monochromatic tie are same, use is extensive, very good and tie-in dress. When collocation, should choose as same as business suit shirt color. For instance, the cravat of pattern of drop of treasure blue impression, lily-white, should match with white shirt, the sapphire blue that business suit needs to choose to agree with cravat impression is lubricious. Beautiful shirt had better avoid the cravat of regular pattern, because of the pattern on cravat, can destroy design order of whole. The shirt with design, normally more bright-coloured color, do not suit to deserve to go up conservative cravat.
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