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Fashionable man need not buy famous brand

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Wish to not be willing to will buy cumshaw go off with to buy the clothes?

Constantly the man asks me, why the fashionable dress that you always pay close attention to a woman wants many than the man multiple, actually our man also needs fashionable guidance and attention- - who is willing to see the men inside limits of our line of sight each garment act the role ofing is decent have a money handsome, can you have with the handsome boy star of Hollywood be compared?

The key is to see the money go off with that male people wishs to not be willing to drink smoking buy a tie that has grade or it is the sock that purchases a few pairs of different facial expression more first. More crucial is them want be willing to part with or use to spend bit of time to understand this season will some more popular what, how to wear, what wearing just is modern and those who accord with him individual character; The also should seek accurate what brand to just suit his most status that considers save worry is temperamental, let oneself look clean some more relaxed.

Let oneself dress up some more fashionably what is there bad? The period of eyeball economy is sought in this, temperament of what connotation culture is cultural, have not enough time get to the bottom of is so much, female people should see you wear the jacket of what brand only, the background that often has given men and identity made Baconian summary.

The most perfect man is the man that has dual personality

Cruel male friend

[design] keyword: Comfortable, exceed a sousaphone, geometrical design, v word is gotten.

This year autumn, male jacket will be popular comfortable and exceed a sousaphone, include those who have the wide sweater of hood, wide line to braid the sweater that dress, one word is gotten or careful needle is apart from, compose has pattern of flat-fell seam geometry; Trousers includes the trousers of the jeans that boots appearance cuts out or track man, cut short khaki cloth into parts the wide leg of army pants and specialty is loose trousers.

[quality of a material] keyword: Corduroy, copy chamois

Fabrics field is main the smooth knitted fabric of chamois of popular corduroy, copy, the most important is straightforward and cruel feeling.

[colour] keyword: Excessive coloring, blanch, splash printing

Clothing of rough cotton cloth of stain jeans or twill has all color, add bath or arrange a technology, seek be different from general finishing, different coloring method and effect of exploration sex exterior. Integral figure will change the surface with special and wonderful essence of life to detail.

Tenderness male friend

The recreational outfit of appearance of treasure of tenderness male friend

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