Canal, often be " press calabash rises gourd ladle " . Medicines and chemical re - Chinese tie Nets
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Canal, often be " press calabash rises gourd ladle " . Medicines and chemical re

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In fact, in " medical price falls again and again, common people did not feel " while, the government sector has faced up to this one problem: Light relies on to fall medical price cannot be solved " see a doctor expensive " difficult problem. National hair changes appoint concerned controller admits publicly, current, medical management structure is very complex, lack unified harmonious mechanism: Hair change appoint the adjusting control of responsible drug price, wholesome part runs a hospital, medicines and chemical reagents of be assigned personal responsibility for of medical inspect bureau produces enterprise and current business. Consequently tall to medical price theory superintendency, often be " press calabash rises gourd ladle " . The cooperation that medicines and chemical reagents depreciates to still need to concern a section each and cooperate, branch of Chan Ping any, obtain expectant result hard. In drug price itself already all scanty manage " hind depreciate times " , new medical service changes extremely urgent. The whole nation that holds this year on two meetings, wholesome minister excel in expresses already clearly, new this year medical service changes plan to be able to come on stage certainly, this is the specific plan of a policy that involves cure to change, task, target and measure, involve system of basic Medical Protection, basic medicines, medical treatment the specific issue of the square field surface such as reform of mechanism of safeguard, hospital government, be " in resembling

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