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Make public self-confidence chooses to suit your beautiful tie

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Are you good at breaking free from conventions? Do you have absolutely self-confidence? The glamour that you like him make public? One spends cravat, can reflect your heart entirely.

Cravat, often can represent men the grade to dress, appropriate choice and the cravat with tie-in garment, can in good condition proof you are in of popularity and fashionable angle aesthetic.

From business suit of a complete set of character, cravat is to deserve to act the role of merely, if match inappropriate meeting,give a person because of this the sense nevertheless devoid whole feeling and harmonious feeling. The connotation that the color of cravat, design and oneself include is worth a man to be treated carefully very much. Many men often are opposite when choosing cravat the Lv of cravat heart impeach with powerful design and color, actually a beautiful cravat can reflect one the individual's grade and self-confidence more. Consult the following character, hope you also can find appropriate your beautiful cravat.

[random criterion broken flower]

No less than is the same as literal meaning, random broken beautiful cravat is in namely plain coloured on cloth cover, imprint have volume different figure the floret of each different. Differ to be able to be divided again according to design interval for size broken flower, of late still many ruleless geometry design are on among them, color numerous and complicated is confused the characteristic that is this kind of cravat, different color and decorative pattern medley a different feeling, lively and not stick to one pattern, suit with plain coloured suit suit, monochromatic suit suit is tie-in.

[coarse groove line]

Basically with pencil stripe it is same pattern, different is the fine strain line pencil is replaced with the line of similar crayon or chalk. This kind of fun that uses generation of line change place adequately, most outstanding in colors tie. Used the natural distinguishing feature that silk pledges stripe differs in recent years, make originally the cravat of simple look also a new force suddenly rises, smooth, the stripe of thick lines, fine line is gotten suit more young the male that is full of boldness and composed old hot middleaged male adorned.

[regulation broken flower]

What with random broken flower differs is well-regulated design beautiful form, imprint such regular pattern on monochromatic cloth cover again, it is so called " regulation broken flower " cravat. This kind of cravat once was in a paragraph of period very popular, the regular sex because of it and earnest sex, become the male with those experienced disposition to love most. Will look with fashionable idea, occasionally, the business suit of the cravat of regular pattern and irregular design and even jacket photograph collocation also have the effect of different common probably.
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