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Experience of man dress match colors talks

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Color gives person visual sense impression should be quite intense, normally we understand not to know dress to savour to a man, see clue with respect to enough by the match colors between dress, after all the design of men's clothing is not like the metabolic myriad that female outfit comes to that kind, so the man wants clothing outstanding, be apt to uses color is mandatory course absolutely, be aimed at all sorts of different dress color to give the person's feeling experience namely below, you might as well label reference:

White feeling

White can say is a kind of facial expression that allows a person to feel cautious, be being used on dress is such more, also give clean sense of the person as a result of it at the same time, so besides white shirt, t-shirt of a lily lets a person feel very sunshine, if become you,a suit is white when that can differ 啰 ! Normally a suit white (leather shoes of a white shirt, white business suit, one double blank) the beautiful butterfly that the sense that gives a person can be game world, the about of rich home children that is like what thing to need not work to Qian Ke is used in order to spend, also can saying is playboy model, look a bit flirtatious, besides white sweater, white sock is to comparative the Lie of sunshine!

Black feeling

Black always is contained so a bit mystery or it is to be forecasted hard, collect everybody's focus very easily, cooperate to go up different clipping and quality of a material, black can show completely different sense truly. If be in the prize-giving celebration circumstance of numerous nebular collect, black formal attire can send out the nobility that gives it and inside collect is temperamental, if changed black skin pants to deserve to go up,Lai blocks tight jacket, black becomes mad wild or contain act indecently towards. Do not cross generally speaking, like black T-shirt very be able to bear or endure dirty also very be able to bear or endure look, suit not to love to change the male person selected that washs the dress to wear quite, if you appear,have bit of fat word in addition, that black also is to have correct figure to qualify the result!

Blue feeling

The blue with deep shallow depth has its different feeling, if powdery blue has puerile flavor, suit adolescent more than 10 years old to be used at vest or knitting very much kind the dress, if age grows a likelihood to should not be a bit a pink is blue put on a body, you can are by criticism " outfit is lovely " , at this moment shamrock or it is naval blue namely very the color of in a popular style, need not divide the age wear build, another advantage is light color attune is blue, match very easily with other color (red, yellow, tangerine, violet) , if water is blue,build together with yellow among them, have Mediterranean amorous feelings.

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