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The collocation of shirt and cravat

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Round horn is gotten, got a needle to wipe a circle get form, be a kind classic receive written complaint, use at commonly now women's shirt.

The color of the shirt and popular theme

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The collocation of shirt and cravat

Blue business suit: Wear white, pink, yellow fraction, silver grey, with bright blue shirt; Can match deep color of blue, gules, yellow, gray, rouge, with bricky color tie.

Black business suit: Wear white or light color shirt; Can accompany grey, blue, Cravat of Chinese ink green.

Gray business suit: Wear the light shirt that gives priority to with white; Can match lubricious tie of grey, green, Huang Hezhuan.

Brown business suit: Wear white, gray, argent, with bright Brown shirt; Can match gray, green, with maize cravat. (the data comes from dress newspaper, offer reference only)

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